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Wingfoil is the newest of the wind propelled water sports that combines windsurfing and kitefoiling. It involves using a wing-shaped sail and a hydrofoil board to ride on top of the water while being propelled by the wind. The wing is used to control the speed and direction of the rider, while the hydrofoil allows them to lift out of the water and glide smoothly above the surface. Wingfoiling is a relatively new sport that has been gaining popularity in recent years, and it is considered to be a challenging and exciting way to experience the wind and water


We have courses for your personal level: beginner, intermediate or advanced.


Our teaching follows the International Wingfoil Organization methodology (I.W.O); this guarantees the quality, safety and professionalism of our Instructors.


We understand that each person has different needs, so all our wingfoil lessons are taught individually. You will have your own dedicated I.W.O. certified instructor as well as personalized equipment with lessons adapted to your level and skills.


The package of the wingfoil lessons in Progreso, Yucatan, includes: private lessons with an I.W.O. instructor, the use of the equipment (wing, life jacket, helmet, radio and the I.W.O certification virtual card.


You can make the most of your time in the water by adding use of a jetski to your training package.

For more information about the costs, please see our price table.



1. Terminology

2. Setup, secure, and pack down

3. Handling the wing on the beach

4. Entering/exit the water

5. Self-rescue

6. ROW rules

7. Ride on knees

8. Ride standing

9. Pumping/getting on the hydrofoil

10. Ride upwind/downwind

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