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Kitesurfing is a wind powered extreme water sport that uses a kite and a board to propel you across the water with an unidirectional or bidirectional board or a foil board.


The nature of this sport demands that it is properly taught by qualified instructors who know and apply the fundamental standards for a safe practice of this sport.


At Yuckite, our students enjoy lessons taught by qualified staff; our Instructors have been certified by the International Kiteboarding Organization (I.K.O.) to provide a high-quality and a safe learning experience.


In our kiteschool the kitesurf lessons are taught individually. As a student you will have your own dedicated instructor, as well as personalized equipment to ensure that your training progresses at your own pace, without sharing your time and the use of the equipment with anyone else, guaranteeing the most effective learning experience.


In order to be a safe and independent rider, the average student takes 10–12 hours of lessons, divided into sessions of 2-3 hours per day.


If you want to share the experience with another person, Yuckite offers group discounts, so you and your family or friends can practice at the same time, while benefiting from personalized equipment and your own Instructor dedicated to ensuring your individual progress.


Our prices include: Instruction based on I.K.O. methodology, international I.K.O. certificate, usage of the entire equipment (kite, control bar, flotation vest and helmet with two-way radio. Optional:  Wetsuit and neoprene boots.


You can make the most of your time in the water by adding use of a jetski to your training package.


For more information about the costs of the kitesurf lessons in Progreso, please check out our price table.

Level 1 - Discovery 


Duration: 3 hours approx.

This is the first stage in which you will learn how to pilot the kite!

But before taking the control you will learn the fundamental aspects of kiteboarding that will allow you to have a fun and safe practice of the sport. It includes the risk assessment: of the place where you are going to kiteboard, of the ideal weather conditions and how to identify other activities in the area that can represent a risk.

At this level of your kitesurf lessons you will learn to set up the equipment, how to use the safety systems and basic and advanced kite control techniques, which is complemented by the wind window theory.

You will also control the kite with twisted lines and will learn how to untwist them.

The instructor will teach you step by step how to launch and land the kite on land, and how to help others with this maneuver.

Walking with the kite is also included in this stage of learning, this will prepare yourself to enter or to leave the water with your board in hand, while you keep the kite stable while flying.

At the Discovery level 1 the instructor will explain the use of the safety systems and will allow you to practice them in flight, until you are completely familiar with it.

The use of safety systems is essential for a safe practice of kiteboarding.

Finally, you will learn how to store the equipment and the importance of doing it properly for better care and durability.


Level 2 - Intermediate
Duration: 3 hrs approx.

At this stage of the kiteboarding course you will try the board and do the first waterstart after you have practiced the safety procedures:


-Kite water relaunch. When we practice kiteboarding is not unusual to drop the kite onto the water; this technique will make you feel comfortable relaunching the kite back in the air.


-Body drag board recovery. This technique involves getting back to your board after a fall; you will practice it until you feel comfortable controlling your kite while you get back to your board.


– Self-rescue. This safety procedure will prepare you to be able to use your kite as a sail and get back to the shore in case it has collapsed and you are unable to relaunch it.


Once you have acquired the safety skills allowing you to be more independent in the water, you will start learning the first riding practices: steady pull and waterstart and of course, how to stop.

l2 in.jpg



Duration: 6 hrs aprox.

At this stage of the kitesurf lessons you will practice and learn how to control and maintain the right riding direction, how to go upwind and to realize transitions.


You will also practice the self-rescue and full pack down in deep water.

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