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Welcome to Yuckite weather station, where you can check the weather conditions in our spot in Progreso, Yucatán, which are updated every minute.


The station is located in our facilities at a height of 10 meters above sea level and 60 meters from the shore line.

To calculate the wind strength, please consider the wind effects: “wind gradient” and “apparent wind” which affect the speed of the airflow over the kite. About the first, the higher the kite the faster the wind will be, hence stronger. About the second, the faster you move your kite or increase the speed of your displacement, more wind will be induced into the wind window and added to the real wind, which will result in greater force.


As a rule of thumb the wind is about 35% stronger at 20 meters high than at sea level.


The following is a comparative table of the wind at land/sea level and at 20 meters high.

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