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About Us

YUCKITE is an extreme sports center specialized in KITEBOARDING, WING-FOILING & KITE-FOILING lessons. 


Our school was founded in August 2011 by Lisa María Glass and Angel Arturo Rojas Gutiérrez, with the aim of offering a quality service under international safety standards.


To this day we have achieved the goal to share with you the passion of wind/water sports in the most efficient and safe way.


The teaching provided at Yuckite rigorously follows a methodology that has been designed by two prestigious international organizations, to which we are affiliated as “PRO-CENTER”: the International Kiteboarding Organization (I.K.O) and the International Wingfoil Organization (I.W.O.).


The kitesurf lessons and wingfoil classes are taught by professional certified instructors with great experience.


We guarantee the safety, quality and professionalism of our lessons.

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